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Joshua Ormsbee

1730/31 - 1810

Father: Ezra Ormsbee
Mother: Mary Salisbury
Date of Birth: Nov. 17, 1730/31
Place of Birth: Rehoboth, Bristol Co., MA
First Marriage: Nov. 13, 1760, Rachel Chase, Warren, R.I.
Second Marriage: April 10, 1783, Keziah Cranston, Warren, R.I.
Date of Death: Dec. 19, 1810
Place of Death: . Buried in North Burial Ground, Warren, R.I.

Spouse: Rachel Chase
Father: Isaac Chase Jr.
Mother: Mary Estabrooks
Date of Birth: Sept.. 1, 1735
Place of Birth: Swansea, MA
Date of Death: Dec. 24, 1778
Place of Death: Buried Kingsley-Mason Cemetery


  1. Mary Ormsbee, born Aug. 13, 1761
  2. Isaac Ormsbee, born June 21, 1763
  3. Caleb Ormsbee, born July 24, 1765
  4. Joshua, Jr. Ormsbee, born Nov. 13, 1767
  5. Anna Ormsbee, born Feb. 12, 1770
  6. Nathaniel Ormsbee, born May 17, 1773, Warren, RI
  7. Rachel Ormsbee, born Jan. 19, 1776
  8. Infant Ormsbee, unnamed, who died at birth or shortly after

Additional Facts:

Keziah Cranston was born about 1762, in Warren, RI

From: Junkins Genealogy by Davis he was a known son, born 17 Nov. 17--.
Dr. Millie Chapman names him a son of Ezra

From: Junkins Genealogy he married second Keziah, widow of Samuel Cole.

Also: Town of Warren, R.I. Deed Book. Joshua Ormsbee of Warren was bondsman, and his wife Keziah, who was heretofore the widow of Samuel Cole, late of Warren. Dated Apr. 8, 1788
Samuel Cole and Keziah Hicks(Hix) had a daughter Charity Cole, born 1763, died, Apr. 27, 1838, married Joseph Sparks. Keziah must have married a second time to a Benjamin for in (R.I. VR Vol. 6) is recorded the birth of Harte Cranston, daughter of Benjamin and Keziah, May 3, 1778. These two living daughters of Keziah were brought into the Ormsbee family when she became the 2nd wife of Joshua. They are mentioned in many of the old letters Joshua wrote to his distant children.

From: D.A.R. records Joshua Ormsbee served in the Revolutionary War. Numbers 97 155 and 53 392 quote his service as; Joshua Ormsbee (1733-1813) enlisted 1778 in Capt. Peleg Peckís Co., Col. Thomas Carpenter's Conn. Regt. He was b. in Rehoboth, Mass. and died in Warren, R.I.

From: Town Clerk's office at Warren, R.I. some interesting records;
Deed Book 2. Dated Dec. 27, 1768. Joshua Ormsbee sold to Jonathan Bowen etc. Signed Joshua and wife Rachel.
Deed Book 4. Dated Aug. 30, 1800. Quitclaim deed from Joshua Ormsbe of Warren to his son Joshua Ormsbe, Jr.
Signed by Joshua and wife Keziah
Deed Book 4. Quitclaim to my said Hon'd father, Joshua Ormsbe his heirs and assigns forever all that part of Real Estate that fell to Sarah McMillion, wife of Peter McMillion of the State of New York, consisting of land and buildings formerly the estate of John Butterworth and Sarah Martin, des'cd.
Signed Joshua Ormsbe, Jr. and Polly,
his wife, Apr. 13, 1801
Deed Book 4. "Know all men by these presents that we, Caleb Ormsbe and Belinda Ormsbe, wife of said Caleb, both of Montpelier, in Jefferson County, State of Vermont, have and do hereby appoint Nathaniel Ormsbe of Montpelier aforesaid as our lawful Attorney, etc.----- to deed and convey any lands which of right may belong to us as heirs to the estate of Joshua Ormsbe, late of Warren, in the State of Rhode Island, deceased." Feb. 4, 1812
Deed Book 4. "Know all men by these presents that we, Isaac Ormsbe, of Greenfield in the County of Saratoga and State of New York; Nathaniel Ormsbe of Montpelier in the County of Jefferson and State of Vermont; David Luther of Swansey in County Bristol and State of Mass. and Rachel Luther, wife of said David Luther in the right of said Rachel etc.-----, sold to Samuel Butterworth -----". Signed by; Nathaniel Ormsbe, Sally Ormsbe, Belinda Ormsbe, Isaac Ormsbe, Patience Ormsbe.
"Personally appeared and acknowledged the above to be his free act and deed for himself, for his wife Sally Ormsbe, and for his brother, Caleb Ormsbe and wife Belinda."

Signed by Nathaniel Ormsbe,

July 4, 1812

In order to help clarify some of the remarks made in connection with letters and other documents and records of Joshua Ormsbee and his family, when they mention the Towns of Swansea, Warren, and Barrington, they sometimes say they are in Mass. and sometimes in R.I. It should be remembered that from the period of settlement of the Island of Rhode Island and the Providence Plantations, the boundary between the two Colonies was in continuous dispute. Today Bristol County, R.I. joins Bristol County, Mass. Bristol Co., R.I. was formed in 1747, while Bristol Co., Mass. was formed in 1685. No doubt there may have been times during the boundary disputes when they were the same County.

From: The Encyclopedia Americana (1925) Vol. 28
Warren, R.I., Town in Bristol County
It was the old Indian Town of Sowamset; a trading post was established there by white men as early as 1632. It was the territory in dispute between Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and originally formed a part of the Town of Swansea, Mass.; after the boundary was settled and Warren came under the jurisdiction of Rhode Island, it was incorporated as a Town in 1747; in 1770 the Town of Barrington was separated from it. During the Revolution, the Town was pillaged by the British, and a number of houses burned.
Note: See an old letter of Jonas G. Ormsbee dated Montpelier, Mar. 20, 1884, where he says (speaking of his father, Nathaniel Ormsbee) "He said the first he remembered was when the British invaded Warren, Mass. the people all fled. His mother led him by the hand to a place of safety out of town."
Because it so well illustrates the way of life of these people, I can not resist the impulse to insert here an old letter, from Joshua to his son Isaac, whom, you will remember had moved from Warren, R.I. to Saratoga County, N.Y. just a little over 2 years before. At the date of the letter, also remember Joshua was living with his 2nd wife. (Note the mention of her 2 daughters) The lack of punctuation makes it hard to understand.

Warren April the 11, 1799
Dear Children I once more Right to you to let you know that we are all well and wish these may find you all in good helth We have had a sevear hard winter and tis winter now. I hant got that munny of Kingsley but when I get it I will send it to you. I want you to send leters every opertunity I want to know how you get along I want to see you all but dout I shall I have took more land to improve this summer Mother sends her love to you all and wants to see you all. Cherety come here today She sends her love to u all She and mother is now taking a pintch of snuf and wishes u was hear to snuf with them Thommas has been to see this winter he has got home and on his passage hoom(?) the vessel was cast upon her beam ends and they lost a consederabel molases Harty sends her love to u all She has got better of her laim nee She lives hear her husband has gone to see. Mr. Rogerses mother is dead she was burried yesterday. Royal Easterbrooks Granmother died this morning with a very short illnes, So conclude your loving father
Joshua Ormsbe

On the same page with the letter above, this addition is written.

A line from your sister. After my love to all I right to inform u that I am at presan I want to see you and the children When you right right when u expect to come down Joshua is agoing to ginney soon I rote a letter last Sunday to send to Anna She lives alone and keeps Batchelters hall Captain munrows folks is well I wish I could come and see u tonoght I must conclude you must excuse the crooks and scrabbels for I have rote very unsted So no more at present
I conclude my self your sister Rachel Ormsbe

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