The Family in England

The Ormsby Family in England is an ancient one. When Duke William invaded England, there was living in Lincolnshire, a Sir Richard de Ormsby who with other members of his family became a supporter of the Conqueror. After the subjugation of the country had been completed, the new King rewarded the Ormsby Family for faithful service by bestowing upon it estates in Lincolnshire and a Coat-of-Arms (as granted by William the Conqueror).

Sir Oswald de Ormsby, eldest son of Sir Richard, became head of the family and founded the Priory of Ormsby, in the reign of Henry Second. The name has been perpetuated in the Parish of Ormsby, and North Ormsby, Lincolnshire.

During the centuries succeeding the Conquest, the Ormsby Family held many manors and thru the deeds of Various representatives, obtained frequent and praiseworthy mention in the annals of England and Scotland. In Great Britain, the name is usually written Ormesby, but in America the common spelling is Ormsby or Ormsbee.

There seems to have been 3 basic migrations of the Family Ormsby (including all spellings) regardless of the more or less fictional incidents involved.

They were originally from the Scandinavian Peninsula

Ormsby Family Tree